Glass with homemade blackberry juice

Make your own blackberry juice

When you live in Europe or eastern North America you can find blackberries abundantly from about August to October and now is the time to make your own juice. Or anytime of the year when you have frozen blackberries. Blackberry juice is easy to make, but unlike many other juices, you cook the blackberries first.

In this blog you will find 3 ways to make juice, some tips on how to store the juice and if you don’t have a blackberry bush in your garden, what about wild picking?

Blackberries are full of vitamins

Blackberries are super healthy and contain vitamins C and E, among other things. And per 100 grams they contain 19.8 µg of vitamin K. That seems little, but that is around 25% of the guideline intake of an average adult. Vitamin K helps your bones to absorb calcium and is important for the clotting of your blood. They also contain vitamin B11 (folate), which helps your body produce red and white blood cells, for example.

Pick blackberries in the wild or at the farmer?

Depending on where you live, please check if wild picking is prohibited or not. For example, in the Netherlands it is, but if you pick a small amount for your own use, it is tolerated. For example, a guideline is a container of 250 grams.
As I am from the Netherlands, I only know the rules here and we have special picking and food forests where you can pick. Also there are special apps like ‘wild picking guide’  (wildplukwijzer) and  ‘Nice at the famer’ (lekker bij de boer)  where you can see where you can pick in your area. If you go wild picking in, for example, a nature reserve, you are not allowed to leave the paths, and of course you do not disturb any animals.
If you pick more than a small container for your own use, you can get a hefty fine.

If you prefer to visit a farmer, there are very nice websites  like “Lokaal en lekker” (Local and delicious) and Pluktuinen (picking gardens) on which you can see where you can pick yourself.You can then fill your bowl for x amount. This way you can be sure that picking is allowed and you also support a local farmer.

And finally, you can also get blackberries in the supermarket. You can almost always find a box in the freezer. Handy if you want to use more than 250 grams of blackberries.

Which blackberries to pick and not to pick

If the blackberries are a dark color and easily detach from the stem, they are ripe. Affected or moldy blackberries are left hanging.
Also make sure you don’t strip a bush. In nature, the fruits are food for many species of birds, foxes, badgers and, for example, wild boar and deer.

Storing blackberries

If you pick blackberries yourself, first rinse well under running water. In addition to sand, it can also contain bugs, for example.
Then let them drain well in a sieve or dry on kitchen paper and then store them in a paper bag in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
You can also freeze them to keep them for a few months to a year.

Collect and freeze blackberries

When it’s blackberry time and I’m taking the dogs for a walk, I pick a few ripe blackberries every day. Sometimes there are only about 10. After I rinse everything well and let it dry, I add them to a bag in the freezer. For example, a small portion is added daily until I have enough to make juice.
Frozen blackberries also seem to give more juice when thawed than fresh ones.

Making blackberry juice with or without sugar

There are several ways to make blackberry juice. I have worked out 3 ways for you here.
If you use sugar, you can keep the juice longer if you preserve it. The ratio of blackberries / sugar is personal in terms of taste, so it’s just a matter of trying it out.
You can also replace sugar with (good quality) honey.

Method 1. Weigh and cook everything

70 grams (cane) sugar
375 grams of blackberries
1 liter of water
Put the blackberries, sugar and water in a pan (not aluminum).
Bring everything to a boil, stirring occasionally.
Turn the heat down to low and let it simmer under the lid for about 30 minutes. Stir the mixture occasionally.
Put a fine sieve (or coarser one with cheesecloth) on a pan or bowl and pour the blackberry mixture into it. Press the pulp well with, for example, a large spoon.
Pour the juice into a bottle, let everything cool down and ready for consumption!

Method 2. No scale, juice where you add (some) sugar or honey later

Personally, this is my most favorite way.
Place the blackberries in a pan and add a little water, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. This way you prevent the blackberries from burning.
Bring everything to a boil.
Once the water boils, reduce the heat/temperature to low and simmer for 15-20 minutes. The blackberries will now soften and release the juice.
Then remove the pan from the heat and let the juice cool slightly.
Pour the mixture into a fine sieve or sieve everything using a cheesecloth.  Press everything well with a spoon to get all the juice out of the mixture.
Add some sugar or honey when the juice is still warm. Keep stirring until the sugar or honey has dissolved. Add some extra if you find the juice too sour.

Method 3: First puree the blackberries, then cook - without sugar or a small amount

If you use fresh blackberries, drain them well after washing.
If you use frozen fruits, let them thaw first.

Put the blackberries in a bowl or pan and mash them with a hand blender or any kind of pestle.
Place a sieve over a saucepan and pour in the pureed blackberries. Press the mixture well with, for example, a spoon so that all the juice passes through the sieve.
If you find the juice too sour, you can add 2-3 teaspoons of sugar per 100 grams. Then heat everything and cook it for 5-10 minutes, stirring everything every now and then.
Pour the juice into a glass or bottle, let everything cool and ready to drink.

Storing and preserving your homemade juice for a longer period of time

If you don’t drink the juice right away, you can store it in the fridge for a few more days.
If you want to store the juice for a longer period of time, first thoroughly boil the bottles or jars in which you store the juice (recommendation is 15 minutes):
Pour boiling water into a large pan containing the bottles/jars and make sure they are completely submerged. Use if necessary. glass tongs to turn them and to remove them from the water. Then place them upside down on a clean cloth to cool.
Then fill the bottles or jars with the still warm juice almost to the top, put the lid on and turn them upside down. In this way they are hermetically sealed and therefore have a longer shelf life.

The less sugar you add to the juice, the shorter the shelf life and it is therefore advisable to store it in the fridge or freeze it.

If you were already planning to freeze the juice, you do not have to boil the bottles or jars first, but simply clean them well with soapy water. Let the juice cool down before you put it in the freezer. And make sure that if you freeze juice, you don’t fill the bottle or jar to the brim, because the juice will expand a bit during freezing.

You can also very well put the juice in an ice cube tray and then add it later to a smoothie or, for example, a glass of orange juice.

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