Duo massage: relax and enjoy together with your partner

duo massage

A duo or partner massage not only provides wonderful relaxation, it also helps you to get in touch / connection more with yourself (again) AND with your partner.
When you have a busy life, for example, and you might feel stressed,  it can affect not only yourself, but also your relationships. Or if you’ve been together for years, you may be less connected to each other due to daily life.
But of course a partner massage is also just very nice as an activity to do something together.

What is a duo of couple massage?

This massage for couples is performed by two therapists and during this massage you will both be in the same room, and the massage tables will be next to each other; side by side.
The massage itself will focus on relaxation and is mainly with slow long sliding strokes and deep circular movements and the pressure used is generally soft to medium hard.
We as practitioners let our intuition and feeling play a part in how the massage will go.
Your massages will be synchronous as much as possible.
In addition, we will guide you in connection with each other.
This massage is generally for the whole body.
Natural base oils are used with pure essential oils added.

Couple massage: get back in touch with yourself and each other

Benefits a duo massage can offer:

  • Get more in touch with your body and feelings
  • Relieves stress
  • Feel more connected with your partner
  • Helps to better understand yourself and your partner
  • Improves intimacy
  • Provides deep relaxation

A duo massage is designed to relax and to reconnect with yourself and each other, but not to relieve chronic pain, relational problems or other underlying conditions.
If this is the case with you,  we can discuss what kind of treatment is suiting you best

I never thought a duo massage can be like this!

To truly connect with your partner you need to be well connected with yourself. This insight opened my eyes! And I’ve noticed more than once that in order to enjoy intimacy more, I have to be more relaxed. This massage really helped a lot! During the massage you also felt how connected the therapists were. It was personal and professional at the same time. The atmosphere was open, relaxed and comfortable. We both enjoyed it to the max.
Anke – Social worker

Prices of a couple or duo massage

For prices and packages, kindly have a look at my page prices and locations

The entire treatment may take around 1.5 hours due to a joint conversation before and afterwards.

Location for duo massage - Holland, South Europe and Jordan

Massages are all by appointment.
If you would like to receive your treatment at home, that is also possible.
As I currently work as a nomadic therapist, the couple massages will be given at various locations, which can be within the Netherlands, in Southern Europe and Jordan.
Depending on the location, the 2nd therapist varies. 
You can check out my current and upcoming locations on this page.

Duo massages given in North Holland are together with Marcel Bot at the Yoga Loft in Blokker, Hoorn – North Holland. 

If you are interested in providing treatments with me, I would be happy to look at the possibilities together.

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