Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditations Retreats

Yoga and meditation retreat Wadi Rum

A retreat is a great way to delve more deeply into yoga and meditation and the practice of mindful living.

During a retreat, in addition to yoga, mindfulness and/or meditation classes, there are moments of togetherness, exercises and assignments and there is plenty of room to do your own thing.

If you want to read more about the difference between a yoga retreat and a vaction, take a look at my blog  when to choose a yoga retreat or a vacation 

This special day retreat is designed to start your year positively and to provide you with tools on how to follow up and maintain your good intentions. We combine yoga with an affirmation workshop, meditation walk with sharing and reflection, and a delicious healthy vegetarian lunch is waiting for you.
This retreat will take place on January 6, 2024
For more information from previous days see: Positive start of the year Day Retreat

Yoga pose yoga en meditatie dag retraite

A yoga pamper day is for anyone who wants a day for themselves and to practice yoga and meditation together. A day of deepening and tranquility, with connection and fun.
We offer different types of yoga and meditation and a delicious lunch in the afternoon.
At this moment, this day is only given in Dutch. The next date has not yet been announced. For more information from previous days see: Yoga en meditatie dag retraite. 

Our “Like and Being” Yoga Retreat week is 8 days full of relaxation, inspiration, enjoyment, connection and good food.
We combine daily yoga classes with a multitude of different activities. I organize and guide this trip together with  Marjolein van Velzen van B&B La Villonnière in central France. At this moment this week is giving in Dutch . More information about the week of June 18 – 25 can be found on Zin en Zijn yoga retraite
Dates for 2024 are yet to be announced.

mindfulness retraite Dordogne

Week retreat - from full mind to mindful

A Mindfulness & Yoga holiday retreat in the Dordogne, France.
I organize and guide this trip together with mindfulness coach Jolanda van Dorp
First next trip is planned for spring 2023

Yoga retreat in desert

Weekend retreats

I designed three themed retreats that are mainly given in Jordan in the spring and autumn, but can be (adjusted) given at any other location: a Vipassana retreat with a silence day, the “white spot yoga and meditation retreat” and a Diving, yoga and meditation weekend’

Vipassana meditation is the basis of the now more well-known and also popular mindfulness.
During this special weekend there will be morning, afternoon and evening meditation, morning and evening yoga and you will receive personal individual guidance.
We will delve deeper into the knowledge of vipassana and experience what it is like to not speak for a day.

More information and program to be published soon 

A ‘white spot’ is a specific location where there is no mobile connection.
The perfect place for a retreat without internet or unexpected phone calls. But only the glory of nature. Such a white spot turns out to be extremely suitable for cognitive relaxation and for clearing your mind of superfluous information.
When your mind is quiet, in addition to more peace, resilience and flexibility, creativity also comes to the fore.

More information and program to be published soon 

Diving, yoga and meditation have a number of similarities, such as mindful breathing, awareness of how you move and what you feel and experience. Knowing how to relax, and of course the fun and to fully enjoy the moment.

More information and program to be published soon 

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