Chakra Healing massage: Release and remove blocked energy

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When you feel out of balance and you have the need to release and remove blocked energy, a chakra healing massage could just what you need.   
It supports you to letting go old thoughts and feelings and relieves any stress-related symptoms.

Letting go

What is a chakra healing massage?

This energetic treatment is a combination of relaxation massage, Reiki and the use of crystals.
The massage will provide deep relaxation and focuses on consciously opening your energy channels in your body and on releasing and removing blocking energy.

The massage is with slow, long sliding strokes and deep circular movements and it is characterized as a ‘gentle touch‘: caring, tender and loving.
Reiki is an ancient Japanse methode of healing, which is based on the principle that energy is channeled into your body. During the massage, I sometimes keep my hands still on or above your body for a certain period of time.
The crystals are used to support the chakras, your energy points, to bring them back into balance.

Every massage is unique and different per person and per session, as I work from intuition and is tailored to your needs. This massage is generally for the whole body or one side only.

I use natural base oils with pure essential oils.

What are chakras?

In short: Our physical body has 7 main chakras; from the tailbone to the crown.
Chakra is a Sanskrit word and can be translated as ‘wheel’.
Chakras are the energy centers of our body and are located where the main nerve nodes occur.

Each chakra corresponds to a body part, organ, gland and emotion. And each have their own color and mantra (sound).

Benefits chakra healing massage can offer

A chakra healing massage helps to reduce or even remove emotional and psychological tensions.

  • Provides deep relaxation
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Support for grief
  • Letting go of negative thoughts
  • Support with stuck behavioral patterns
  • Contribution to self-love
  • Providing energy
  • Relieves any stress-related symptoms
  • Providing a boost to the immune system
  • Support for eating disorders
  • Relief of headaches or migraine
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Supports insomnia

The benefits usually lasts several days after receiving a treatment. Some discomfort can dissolve after several treatments, for longer period of time or even completely.

A chakra healing massage is designed to bring you back into balance, to support and relax  you, to letting go and release what is not serving you. 

I felt very clear a release at my throat chakra.

In the past I have had many reiki treatments and I contacted Jolinda for a reiki chakra healing session. After an extensive intake, she suggested adding an oil back massage. It was truly an amazing and healing experience. It was transcending what I have ever experienced before.  During the session, we both felt an energy blockage got released at the back of my neck.
Laura – teacher and philosopher

Prices of Chakra Healing massage

For prices and packages, kindly have a look at my page prices and locations

Location for Chakra healing treatment: Holland, South Europe and Jordan

Massages are all by appointment.
Treatments are possible at your home, at your company or at another desired location.
As I currently work as a nomadic therapist, the locations vary between the Netherlands, Southern Europe to Jordan.
You can check out my current and upcoming locations on this page.
If you are looking for treatments for your company or center, I would be happy to look at the possibilities together.

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