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We can do so many things to live a healthy and happy life.
Of course, healthy eating, enough exercise and a good night’s sleep are important, but also, for example, really taking time for yourself. Time to read a book, to take a walk, do nothing, moments to pay attention to an everyday activity.
You can reduce stress by, among other things, by becoming more awareness; what feels good and what doesn’t, how do I react to something, where do I feel this? What gives you relaxation? That can be a meditation at certain times, another time a nice dance, a drink with someone, a good conversation, or a nice hug. Or, for example, give yourself a treatment or coaching.
A healthy lifestyle is also discovering what makes you happy and healthier.

I love to inspire others and to contribute to positive changes in someone’s life. I hope my blogs and videos will help you try new things, give you insights and remind you to pick up good habits and let go of others.

Articles include lifestyle, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, massage, reiki, and natural healing.

Doing is Experience
Experience is Feeling
Feeling is Knowing
Knowing is Being

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