Lotus flowers as illustration by a chakra color meditation

Chakra Colour Meditation + guided meditation

There are different types of chakra meditations; for example, one of a few minutes where all energy points are included to one of perhaps an hour specifically focused on a single chakra. A guided meditation can help you stay in the moment because you follow someone’s voice and you really take time to focus on each chakra.
Further on you will find a link to a guided chakra meditation I made that only takes a bit over 8 minutes and guides you through each chakra and the colours associated with it. This meditation is for all levels and it doesn’t matter if you have a lot, little or no meditation experience.

It is especially very relaxing and it can give you energy.

What are Chakras?

In short: ‘Chakra’ can be translated from Sanskrit as ‘wheel’ and they are the energy centers of our body.
Our energy flows along channels that align with our spine.
The 7 main chakras, from the tailbone to the crown, are located on this line, where the main nerve nodes occur.
Our energy is mainly connected to our emotions and the beliefs we have. You could say that emotion is energy in motion.
If the energy to a certain chakra is affected, a chakra can become unbalanced or more balanced again.

Each chakra is thought to be connected to specific organs and endocrine glands (which are glands in the body that release hormones) in the body.

Overview location, color, name and sound of each chakra

2Third eyeForeheadIndigoAjnaAum
5Solar plexusNavelYellowManipuraRam
6SacralLower abdomenOrangeSwadhisthanaVam

Chakra meditation

So each chakra is located in a different place and has its own color and mantra.
In this guided meditation I only name the place where each chakra is located and the corresponding color.
Perhaps during meditation you feel a certain emotion or sensation rising in a specific area or you see the corresponding color.
You may not notice anything at all. And that’s totally okay.
Just observe and let what happens happen.

8.5 minutes guided meditation

For just 8,5 minutes I will take you in a guided meditation in which we will pay attention to all 7 chakras and the corresponding colours. In addition to relaxation, certain emotions or thoughts can arise and you could feel if something is out of balance.

How do you rebalance your chakras?

If you notice that a specific chakra is out of balance, you could do a focused meditation for that area. I give these guided meditations privately or in groups and online.
In addition to meditation, you can also bring your chakras back into balance through, for example, aromatherapy, sound therapy, chakra yoga and crystals and gemstones.

Chakra Healing Touch treatment

If you are interested, I provide a special treatment that helps you to regain balance, remove blockages and support you in letting go of what no longer serves you. I combine massage, reiki, crystals, gemstones, essential oils and use a singing bowl.
More information can be found on the Chakra Healing Touch page

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