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Reiki: an alternative treatment for migraine

If you suffer from migraine attacks, you know better than anyone how much influence this can have on your life. There are a number of things you can do yourself to prevent migraines as much as possible and to reduce attacks. You probably already know what your possible triggers are, such as stress, smoking, unhealthy diet, hormonal fluctuations, caffeine, major changes in your life, no good night’s sleep or alcohol.
But sometimes the excessive stimuli are too much and you get an attack. Fortunately, there are a number of alternative treatments that can help, including Reiki.

Distance Reiki treatment during a migraine attack or a bad headache

Of course, if you have a migraine attack, you want it to be over as quickly as possible, and you may find yourself lying in a dark room, silent, waiting for it to pass.
How nice is it that you can receive treatment without having to leave the house or that someone is physically nearby.
A distant Reiki treatment can calm or even stop your acute attack.

What can Reiki do for you if you have a migraine or headache?

Reiki, also called universal life energy, supports and activates your own natural healing process and works on a physical and mental level.
This healing method is based on the principle that energy is transferred through the laying on of hands. and it can be passed on to you remotely if the practitioner has at least level 2 (with Usui system) or is master.

The cause of a migraine attack varies from person to person. The beautiful and special thing is that Reiki energy goes where it is needed, and supports your self-healing ability. Therefore, it does not matter much what the exact cause of your migraine attack is.
Just know that I, or any other Reiki therapist, cannot determine exactly where the energy goes. For example, during a treatment I cannot determine ‘make your migraine disappear’.
I often get images or feelings and sensations during a treatment, which I will feed back to you after the treatment. Maybe these resonate with you and give you insight that you can work with.

If you are interested you can read more detailed information about Reiki, a 1-on1 treatment, and Reiki from a distance

I regularly treat people with migraine attacks and from practice I know that the symptoms decrease considerably, the attack is shorter, or even disappears completely after a session.
This also makes practicing Reiki so rewarding and special, which is why I mainly focus on people with (acute) conditions and situations.
And because I don’t have a 9-5 mentality, people can also come to me on weekends and evenings

How does a Reiki distance treatment work?

With a distance treatment we are physically not in the same room, but mentally I am connected with you. During a session it is best if you sit or lie comfortably and quietly. The best thing is to make sure you are not distracted, for example by putting your phone on silent.
On our agreed day and time, I will give you the treatment. I do this, among other things, by using different symbols to establish my best intention for you.
All you need to do is to open up mentally to the energy and trust that Reiki will go where it is needed.
More extensive information you will find on my page Reiki Distance Healing.
During the session you can notice something both physically and mentally. Your headache or nausea or other complaints may disappear after a while, or become less. But it is also possible that your complaints do not immediately disappear and you, for example, only start to feel tired, or even fall asleep. It is also possible that you do not consciously notice something. Know that that’s ok too and that the energy is really doing its job. And you may not notice a change until later in the day or the next day.

Treatments can also help you sense when an attack is coming so that you can rest early and whether or not you take a painkiller.

Reiki as a preventative treatment for migraines

Reiki is not only a support for physical healing, but also for mental and spiritual growth. Because of this, the list of what Reiki can do for you is actually endless.
A Reiki session offers relaxation, reduces stress, stimulates the natural functioning of the organs and can balance the hormonal level and have a positive effect on the pituitary gland.
This can help prevent a migraine attack or at least make it less intense.
And because the cause of migraines is not always exactly clear, but it is known that certain parts of the brain are over stimulated, an energetic treatment can support you very well.
This does not mean that it can immediately replace the direct effect of medication. However, in combination with a good lifestyle, such as a healthy diet, exercise, avoidance of strong smells, light and sounds and smoky rooms, there is a good chance that you will have fewer attacks, and if you do have one, that they will be less intense. is.
For some time I treated a woman who had an attack almost every month that usually lasted 2 days, she recently texted me that she had not had an attack for a year. How amazing is that!

How often do I need an energetic treatment for migraines?

If you have a migraine attack, 1 session could be enough. Depending on your complaints and symptoms, you can take several treatments in a row.
To prevent future attacks or to make them less intense and severe, you can take the 1-on-1 treatments and/or the distance treatments for a longer period of time when you are not having an attack. 

A distance Reiki session usually lasts around 20-30 minutes. But if I feel that longer is needed, I will do so, without additional costs. For a treatment I need some personal information from you.
For more information you can look at the page reiki distance treatment.

Experiences of Reiki distance healing.

As if something rose from my head
Due to an accident I had a severe concussion and regular migraine attacks. I have taken a series of Reiki treatments; 1 long and 4 short. During my first long session I noticed that my head was getting lighter and lighter. At the end of that session I got a very special feeling, as if something had risen from my head. Kind of rocket launch... quite a strange feeling. During the short sessions my head also became lighter. If I started with a slight headache, it was always gone after the sessions. Nice!

How much does a distance reiki treatment cost?

I want a distance Reiki treatment to be accessible to everyone. That’s why I keep my prices low. You can find more details on my prices and location page.

Jolinda Cath: Reiki Master of the Usui Ryoho System

Since 2017 I am a Reiki master in the tradition of the Usui Ryoho system.
My Reiki Level I course I did in 1997 and in 1998 Reiki level II.
I have used the almost 20 years between the first two levels and my masters to make the treatment of myself, others, animals, plants and situations more powerful, and to further develop myself personally, professionally and energetically.

Hi, my name is Jolinda, and I work as a holistic health practitioner.  I provide Reiki and massage treatments, yoga and meditation classes,  mindfulness training and happiness coaching. 
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