Yoga, Massage and Reiki treatments for mental and physical health

We are all looking for well-being and happiness

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I am Jolinda and I love to accompany you in your process of becoming more healthy and happy. 

I am someone with highly sensitive qualities, and like to call my services holistic, as this means you look at the whole; it approaches every aspect of a person’s life – body and mind.

In our desire to be healthier and happier, we can use an extra hand sometimes.
Massage and Reiki are wonderful treatments to relax, to release stress, to regenerate and revitalize your body. Regular yoga  practice helps to improve your balance, flexibility and strength, both of your body and mind. You learn to relax yourself more and to improve your awareness. Massage, Reiki and yoga have a lot in common. Done separately or in combination, they are all great ways to improve your mental and physical health.

Personal attention for you:

Well-being, why you need it

When you want to:

Feel more balanced. Be pampered. Release tension. Decrease anxiety. Loosen up stiff muscles. Recover from a illness or injury. Increase your awareness. Boost your immune system. Increase your well-being. To come back into contact with yourself. Let go certain believes and habits. Improve your sleep, are some of the many reasons to receive well-being treatments. 

A massage has so many benefits. It can prevent and cure ailments, supports by anxiety, stress or physical discomfort, improves your immune system and activates your blood circulation. And restore muscular and postural imbalances. 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of healing that activates the natural healing processes of your body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises can help you find more balance with regard to your life, your work, what your priorities are and your challenges and limitations.

Create more relaxation in your daily life

Are you constantly busy and would almost forget yourself? Or are you simply looking to be more mindful throughout the day? Then this is for YOU! 
With this FREE 5-part training you build in short moments for yourself during your daily schedule. Perfect when meditation and sitting still for a few minutes is not quite your thing. Or if you think you are too busy to be Mindful.
Reduce stress, enjoy more, live more consciously and increase your creativity through these simple and effective exercises.
Sign up for Mindful Moments and receive e-mails and  audio files with practical tips and tricks.

Jolinda Cath Massage and Reiki treatments


Reiki, massage, yoga, meditation and mindfulness have been of great value to me over the last 25 years and made me decide to deepen my knowledge in each topic. 
In my wish to help others I specialized myself in specific massage techniques, obtained my reiki master level and followed various yoga training, mindfulness and coaching courses. 
Additionally, I  have a passion for aromatherapy and herbal medicine. I have a broad field of interest and knowledge that I use where possible.
All above came together to set up Flow Spirit in 2013 to provide treatments, classes and retreats.

I offer various massage techniques, which can be combined as well.
Intuition plays an important role and for that no massage session is the same. 
A Reiki treatment can be performed one-on- one as well from a distance session for yourself or for a loved one.
With this online treatment we do not have to be at the same location.
And what about a combination of Reiki and relaxation massage, a lovely and healing treat for yourself.

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What others say

I contacted Jolinda for a reiki chakra healing session. She suggested to add along Reiki and the use of crystals, an intuitive back massage with essential oil. It was truly an amazing and healing experience. I had many treatments in the past in the U.S. but this one was above expectation. During the session, we both felt strongly an energy blockage at the back of my neck was released.
gentle touch review
Teacher and philosopher
I can't speak enough about the massage and Reiki treatment which I have had with Jolinda. She is a wonderful healer and a caring person who takes time with you before and after the treatment. I am the kind of people who always struggling to sleep but after the session I felt extremely relaxed and slept like a baby. Thanks alot for introducing me to Reiki
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It was the first time that I did a foot reflexology massage. I am amazed how it relaxed my whole mind and body completely For hours after the massage, I felt like I was still walking on clouds. Some parts of the foot were sensitive and it was lovely that I got a map that shows where each point is connected to in your body. Jolinda gave extra explanation and also some great advises. It was my best first experience.
foot reflexology review
Administrative assistant
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