Rock crystal is a versatile quartz that can be used spiritually, energetically, therapeutically, healingly, creatively and decoratively.

Rock crystal; the many purposes for which you can use it

Rock crystal is perhaps one of the best-known crystals and can be used for many things. They are colorless to white and have strong medicinal properties. They can, among other things, regulate energy, help balance the body, have a purifying, vitalizing and cooling effect. That is why this quartz is often used in healing and energetic work.

And they are also very affordable and you can buy them as raw stone, in hexagonal shapes with points, in spheres or other shapes or already incorporated into a piece of jewelry.

I have many types and sizes of rock crystal. For example, there are stones in my camper and in rooms where I give classes or treatments. I also use them with Reiki distance treatments, the hexagonal shapes ones for chakra healing massages. And I always take one or more stones with me when I travel.

Below you will find a list of a number of applications for which you can use rock crystal.

Spiritual and energetic purposes

Cleansing and purification

Rock crystal is known for its ability to cleanse energy. It can absorb, neutralize and transform negative energy. You can wear a stone but also place it somewhere in your home or workspace to create a positive environment, to purify spaces or to cleanse other stones.

Clarity and Concentration

Rock crystal helps calm the mind and increase concentration. It is said to strengthen your intuition and contribute to opening the third eye. That is why, in addition to wearing rock crystal, it is often used during meditation or treatments.


This quartz is seen as a real energy amplifier. Both for yourself on a mental and physical level and also to strengthen the energy of other stones.


The cleansing effects of the stone, its calming properties and at the same time strengthening energy, also create more balance in both your body and your mind, making you more in harmony and a more even mood.

Spiritual and energetic purposes

Rock crystal is widely used in alternative medicine to promote healing and health.
Holistic treatments look at the person as a whole and include spiritual and energetic goals in treatments.

Physical healing

It is believed that rock crystal can improve overall health by strengthening the immune system and stimulating your body’s self-healing abilities. It could help with, for example, balance disorders, nausea and travel sickness. But also for skin rashes, acne, swelling and allergic reactions.

Pain relief

The crystal can relieve pain and have a cooling effect, such as fever and provide cooling for inflammation and burns, for example. It can also promote the healing of wounds.

Emotional healing

Rock crystal can help relieve emotional pain and restore emotional balance.

Balancing chakras

The crystal can be applied to all chakras and can help to resolve blockages and bring the chakras into balance

Water Vitalization

Rock crystal is often added to water to vitalize it. The process, known as gem water or crystal water, is said to improve the energetic structure of the water, which can contribute to better hydration and health.
Fun fact: I had cats that only drank water from the bowl that had rrock crystals in it.

Creative and decorative purposes

In addition to spiritual and therapeutic purposes, rock crystal can also be used for decorative reasons. Rock crystal can also be a source of inspiration for creative and artistic projects

Interior decoration

Large rock crystals or groups of stones can look beautiful in your home, studio, treatment room or office. They can be real eye-catchers and also help to energetically purify the space.
In Feng Shui, in addition to strengthening and harmonizing energy, rock crystal is also used to create a protective barrier against negative influences.


Rock crystal is a clear stone with a glass luster that is often used in jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It has a hardness of 7. Wearing rock crystal jewelry can therefore help to keep your energy field clean and balanced.

Amulets and talismans

An amulet is mainly used for protection by repelling negative energy and a talisman for attracting energy that stimulates good fortune and positive forces. Given the strong purifying and strengthening properties of rock crystal, it is often used in amulets and talismans.

Works of art

Artists use the stone in, for example, sculptures or smaller works of art that resemble glass. But you also often find them, for example, in dream catchers. Besides aesthetics, the artwork also has an energetic dimension.

Scientific and technological purposes

And yes, rock crystal also has a place in science and technology:

Electronic equipment

Rock crystal is used in electronic devices such as watches, radios and computers because of its “piezoelectric” properties, under the influence of pressure crystals produce an electrical voltage.


In science, rock crystal is used in satellites and in optical instruments, such as lenses and prisms, because of its clarity and ability to transmit light without much scattering.

Some Fun facts about rock crystals.

Rock crystal comes from the Latin word Cristallum, which means ‘ice’ or ‘ice crystal’. And is often found in mountainous areas. Just like the other types of quartz, it is a connection between silicon and oxygen. It is caused by great heat, such as hot underground water or magma. And it normally grows in large 6-sided crystals.

Rock crystal always contains inclusions because it is formed in nature and is therefore never completely pure. If you want to know whether something is rock crystal or fake and made of glass, you can use a loupe to see if there are round air bubbles in it. If so, then it’s glass.

Evidence has been found that rock crystal was used centuries ago, possibly sometime between 4000-8000 years BC. The ancient Greeks believed that rock crystal was water frozen by the gods.

And in Roman times it was used for protection for travelers.

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