The many passions and interests of a multi-passionist. Strenghts and pitfalls

The many passions and interests of a multi-passionist

Do you have different interests, passions, and do you do different projects or activities?
And you don’t want to limit yourself to just one career or area of interest?
Then you may be a multi-passionist.

It was only a few years ago that I heard the word Multi-passionist. It’s strange that I knew what a specialist was and also a generalist, but this third archetype, or whatever you want to call it, was new to me.

In this blog I will mainly discuss the strength of a multi-passionist. But also a number of pitfalls because they are there too.
Perhaps you recognize yourself in the descriptions and some pennies will drop, just as it did for me at the time. Or that it can take away some of your uncertainty

Are you a specialist, a generalist or perhaps also a multi-passionist?

There are similarities and differences between these three types. And just to be clear, one is certainly not better or less than the other.
But first, what exactly does each type mean? Below is a very brief explanation:

What is a specialist?

These are people who are experts in their chosen domain. They invest a lot of time and energy in a specific skill or field. They have a great deal of depth and knowledge and are therefore often indispensable in companies or in society. They are authorities in their field, which gives them a lot of appreciation, recognition and respect. Specialists can develop efficient and effective solutions to problems within their areas of expertise

What is a generalist?

These are people who are versatile and have great adaptability. They have a wide range of skills and knowledge across different domains. This makes them flexible in different professional environments. They often do well in roles that require a holistic understanding of complex systems and can excel at interdisciplinary collaboration or bridging a gap between different specialists. A generalist also continues to develop and learn in different fields.

What is a multi-passionist?

Multi-passionists have a broad area of interest, often multiple careers or projects at the same time, and a deep passion for these different topics. They find satisfaction in the variety of experiences. And don’t want to limit themselves to just one career or area of interest.
They are driven by different passions and interests.
For a multi-passionist it does not only have to be about professional interests, but also about a different approach to life itself.  The life of a multi-passionist is actually a continuous journey of discovery, which in addition to personal satisfaction, can also enrich society with their versatility and creativity.

Is there more appreciation for specialists than for generalists and multi-passionists?

It seems that in our Western society having one specialization is still more valued than being a generalist, for example. That is a shame, because within a company it can be very good to have specialists, generalists and multi-passionists. Of course, this also depends on the type of company and what is needed. I sometimes notice that when you meet someone and tell them what you do, you sometimes see someone thinking; “ah if she does so many very different things, then she can probably just do a little bit of everything…. “
Perhaps you too have that experience if you are a generalist or multi-passionist.

For a long time I thought I was a generalist (nothing wrong with that of course) because I was not specialized in just one thing. I did and do different things. People sometimes said that it was better to choose, to have a better chance on the labor market, to position myself well as a self-employed person. That made me doubt and sometimes insecure.

But I didn’t want to choose at all; I like different things, the diversity makes me happy and I like to delve deeper into different areas. It’s the versatility that inspires me and even though the different things seem far apart, for me they still complement each other.
Apparently, I am not a generalist but a multi-passionist.

What are your strengths as a multi-passionist:

Creative and innovative
By combining your different interests you often come up with unique ideas, perspectives or solutions to problems.
Your enthusiasm for things can vary; art, creativity, science, spirituality, entrepreneurship or whatever.

Resilient and flexible
If you have different passions, knowledge and skills, you can switch between them if, for example, you have setbacks in one area, and therefore compensate in the other. This makes you resilient in dealing with challenges and setbacks.
You are also flexible because you can adapt well to new situations and switch between different tasks and projects.

Personal satisfaction and greater well-being
Because you can express yourself in different ways and express your different passions, this provides greater personal satisfaction than, for example, doing just one thing. Because the multitude of experiences gives you satisfaction. This also includes involvement in different projects and learning something new or being able to go into more depth of things.
This could also increase your general sense of well-being and make you feel more balanced and therefore less stressed.

What are your challenges and pitfalls as a multi-passionist:

For all the great advantages, there are also challenges.
Managing your time
Because you do and enjoy so many things and put a lot of time and energy into them, time management can be an issue. Too many things at once can be tiring and exhausting. It may even be the case that if you do not divide your time and energy properly, you can end up in a burnout.

You are not a specialist
As a multi-passionist, you may struggle to achieve deep expertise in a single specific field. This can be disadvantageous if companies or clients require this.

Tips for Multi-Passionists:

  • Give yourself space to explore and grow in all your different areas of interest.
    You can always choose whether you want to keep something ‘on the side’ or drop it, and what you will delve into further.
  • Too many interests and passions can also be too much. Setting priorities is therefore sometimes important. Find your key areas that make the most sense to you and focus your time and energy on those.
  • Once you have your areas clear, look for a balance between those different areas so that you have enough time and energy for each area of interest. It may also be that you are active during one period with mainly one passion and during another period with another.
  • Flexibility was already mentioned above as a strength,  but it can also be a pitfall if you are not flexible to adjust your interests and goals as you grow yourself, but also as your environment or demand on the labor market changes.
  • Communicate to others: share your story, explain what makes you so powerful as a multi-passionist, as well as what your challenges are, so they can better understand you and support you if necessary.

And above all, be proud that you are a multi-passionist, with a diversity of interests.
Embrace your different passions, even if they don’t seem directly related. You don’t have to choose between your different passions, but rather you can integrate them into your life in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling for you.

Feel free to be yourself and follow your passions wherever they take you.

Discover, create and enjoy.

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