7 ways to balance your chakras

7 ways to balance a chakra

If you notice that a particular chakra is out of balance, or multiple chakras, there are several things you can do.

Because everyone is unique, working with the chakras is truly a personal experience. It may very well be that one method works very well for you and not really for someone else.
When you start working with your chakras, it is an idea to experiment with different techniques to discover what works best for you. And perhaps one method is very effective now and you will benefit more from a different method at another time.

If you don’t know which chakra is out of balance, or if you notice that you cannot balance it properly yourself, there are therapists specialized in chakra balancing who can help you.

In short: what are chakras?

Chakras are energy centers in our body. From Sanskrit it can be translated as Wheel, because they are a kind of rotating vortices of energy that you cannot see with the human eye, but can be perceived with intuition and energetic feeling.
The 7 main chakras are located along the spine; from the crown to the tailbone.
This energy per chakra travels through and beyond the front, back and both sides of your body.
This invisible and healing energy, also called prana, is a vital life force that keeps us healthy and alive.

How does a chakra become out of balance?

There are several reasons why a chakra can become out of balance, such as emotions, trauma, negative thoughts and beliefs we have and possibly also due to highly processed foods and medications.
In addition, each chakra is thought to be connected to a specific organ or organs and endocrine glands (these are glands that release hormones).
If the energy to a particular chakra is affected, a chakra can become unbalanced. And the other way around as well.
Chakras that are out of balance can cause disorders.

How do you bring your chakras back into balance?

If you notice that a specific chakra is out of balance, there are a number of things you can do yourself or with the help of a specialist. The methods below can also work preventively and help keep your chakras in balance.

1. Meditation and visualization

There are many different types of chakra meditations; from a few minutes where you focus your attention on all 7 centers one by one, to, for example, focusing on one specific chakra for an hour.
With visualization you imagine the active energy and the corresponding color of the chakra in question. You can also express the corresponding sound.
A guided meditation can often help you stay focused.

2. Chakra balancing treatment

There are different types of treatments that can balance chakras and are given by a specialist. In my treatments I work with Reiki, whether or not combined with massage. I scan your body to feel where there is imbalance and work with crystals, gemstones, essential oils and use a singing bowl.
More information can be found on the Chakra Healing Touch page

3. Yoga

Actually, yoga in general is very good for your energy and chakras. But there are certain asanas (yoga postures) that have more effect on a certain area and can also help you to become more aware of those chakras and bring them back into balance. Breathing techniques can help activate the energy flow through an area. And mudras and sounds can also help you.
For example, postures that open the hip are good for the sacral chakra, especially twisted postures for the solar plexus and the shoulder stand for the throat chakra.

4. Aromatherapy

Essential oils can have a healing effect on our energy centers. And certain oils are related to a specific chakra and therefore help to balance.
You can use essential oils in different ways;
*in a kind of snuff pen
* in a diffuser or
* mix a drop of oil with a base oil and then put a drop in your palms; Make a ball with your hands and place them near your nose and inhale the scent.
*You can also mix 1 drop of oil with, for example, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and massage the oil on the area where you need more balance.
Patchouli is often used at the root chakra, ginger at the solar plexus and melissa at the crown chakra.

5. Sound therapy

Sounds have vibrations and these can help you bring balance. You can listen to, for example, singing bowls, gongs and mantras that belong to a specific chakra, and you often feel resonance in that particular area. You can also use your own voice very well to help remove blockages or at least reduce them and allow energy to flow more freely again.

6. Color

In chakra meditation, the color of the area in question is often used. But you can also surround yourself with a certain color. Or less when a chakra is overactive.
Think of details in your home or clothing. But also color therapy where you surround yourself with colors.
For example, is your solar plexus out of balance, but do you not like the color yellow in your home or clothing? Then you can also just wear yellow socks or underwear 😉

7. Crystals and gemstones

In addition to color and sound, each chakra is also connected to certain crystals and gemstones. You can place these stones on the relevant chakra to restore the energy balance. Gemstones are also used in massages or reiki sessions.
For example, you can use aquamarine for the throat chakra, rock crystal for the crown chakra and carnelian for the sacral chakra.

Overview of chakra name, location, color, sound, stone and oil

In this overview I have indicated one example of a gemstone and oil, but several types are possible per chakra.
You will find even more oils and gemstones with the above methods.















Third eye













Blue tourmaline






Ylang Ylang

Green jade

Solar plexus






Gold topaz




Lower abdomen



orange calcite








8.5 minutes guided chakra meditation

In this guided meditation I take you to all 7 chakras and the associated colors. An easy and relaxing meditation. It does not mean that all your chakras will be completely balanced again after this, unfortunately it does not work that easily, but it can help you to feel whether an area is out of balance and to become more aware.

Chakra Healing Touch treatment

I provide a special treatment that helps you to regain balance, remove blockages and support you in letting go of what no longer serves you. I combine massage, reiki, crystals, gemstones, essential oils and use a singing bowl.
More information can be found on the Chakra Healing Touch page

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