What are affirmations

What are affirmations and how to use them?

If you’d like to see a positive change take place in your life, affirmations can help you. Or when you wish to control negative feelings, like anger, frustration of impatience, affirmations can make a huge difference in your life!

What are affirmation?

Affirmations are positive phrases that you repeat regularly. By doing this you are  (re) programming your subconscious mind.
You use affirmations to achieve a goal or to change a belief.
You make affirmations from the I -statement: I am … I have … I do …
And your sentences are in the present tense.  As if it is already happening NOW.
Also you need to repeat them regularly. 
Know that it is not a ‘quick-fix’, but it does have a very positive effect on you by time.
Affirmations are simple to do and powerful in its effect.

When do you use an affirmation?

We may all have moments that we think or feel less positively about ourselves, others or something.
Affirmations are often recommended to people who suffer from gloom, depression, anxiety, illness or any other challenge in life.  But they also are very effectively  for any other thought or feeling.  
For example:
-You have a habit that you want to change.
-You have negative thoughts about your body
-You’re impatient, short-tempered.
-Your neighbor annoys you immensely
-You want to be more active
-You are worried about your job
-Your kids drive you crazy sometimes
-You want to be more relax and make fun
-You want to eat healthier
and so on, and so on. 

These negative thoughts or believes you now convert into positive thoughts.

How do you use affirmations?

There are several ways how you can work with it.

  1. You write down 10 affirmations and read them (out loud) every day, before your day starts.
    By time you can observe if you wish to change a sentence and to delete and add a new one.
  2. Write down 1-3 affirmations before your day starts.
  3. Choose 1 affirmation and speak out this sentence out loud in front of a mirror, while you look yourself into the eyes.

For example:
You have negative thoughts about your body, your affirmation could be:  “I am beautiful as I am”.
Or you want to be more active. Your sentence can be: “I do sports at least once a week”
Maybe you want to relax more:  “ I am allowed to nurture myself”
You doubt yourself in your job: ” I am a brilliant and successful teacher”

Anything you wish to change, you put into a positive sentence, from the I statement and as it is happening now. 
So you do not write: ” I am going to do sports 2 times a week. Or: I will start eat more veggies.
In these sentences you tell yourself you are not doing it already. 
Remember, you are working to (re) programming your subconscious mind.  And when your mind hears it is already happening, you will act on it. 
Yes, it seems to be that simple. However, you need to repeat it, again and again.
For some people that is a few weeks, for others some months. It needs time.

Observe your objections

When you first start working with affirmations, they may feel dumb, embarrassing or funny.
Isn’t it interesting that often we can easily, and without embarrassment, bludgeon ourselves with negative affirmations ‘I am not gifted enough / not smart / not original / not pretty, etc etc.
And saying nice things about ourselves is sometimes hard to do and sometimes feels pretty silly to many people.

While working with affirmations, objections may start to pop up like burnt toast. These are your blurts Have a look at the objections and you will be amazed what your subconscious will blurt out.
These blurts flag your personal negative core beliefs. They hold the key to your freedom in their ugly little claws.
If your blurts are very strong, you can write them down and see it is just your thought and not the truth.

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