Which colors help with certain emotions and feelings?

Which colors help with certain emotions and feelings?

When you look in your wardrobe, which colors dominate? Or is it a mix of anything and everything? And what about in your house? The colors could say something about emotions and feelings you have.
You can also consciously use colors to influence your mental well-being. You can do this by surrounding yourself more with a certain color or using it during a meditation.

Feelings and color

Consciously and unconsciously, colors evoke certain emotions and feelings in you. It may be the case that, for example, the color yellow evokes different feelings in you than it does for me, because it reminds you of a certain happy memory of the past. But there are general effects of color, and there have also been scientific studies that for example confirm that the color blue can influence eg plant growth, and green has a calming effect.
Now there are many types of colors, but in, for example, color therapy (Chromotherapy) mainly the primary and secondary colors are used. And each color has a certain meaning and effect.

Do your own color therapy

Color therapy is not the same as light therapy. A color therapist looks at the type of ailment and where it is located, and what specific color can provide relief.
For non-physical complaints, you can get started with colors yourself.

Below you will find 3 rows with the numbers a to j.
The first overview contains a summary of specific feelings that can bother you. The second overview with feelings that you would like more, and the third overview the corresponding color.
For example, you regularly feel very tired (c), then ‘sunshine yellow fits here. Or if you would like more self-confidence (f), rainbow colors would suit with this.
You can add this color in your clothes, in your home, at work, or for example use in a meditation.
If a certain color really isn’t your thing, you might also consider changing only your socks or underwear.

If you have specific feeling:
a. loneliness
b. bored
c. tired
d. sad
e. grumpy
f. nervous
g. anxious
h. confused
i. heavy
j. annoyed

Use color to help you feel:
a. connection
b. creative
c. more energetic
d. love
e. compassion
f. self confidence
g. safe
h. bright
i. light
j. magic

Colors that correspond:
a. ruby red
b. vibrant orange
c. sunshine gold
d. jade green
e. sparkling pink
f. turquoise
g. clear white
h. indigo blue
i. violet purple
j. rainbow

Color your breathing

During a meditation, you can consciously imagine with each breath that you are breathing in a specific color. That color then fills your entire body at once, or you can fill a different bodypart with each breath. Like: breathe in, fill your whole head with e.g. green, breathe out, breathe in, fill your throat with green, breathe out, breathe in, fill your whole chest, breathe out, etc.
On the exhale you can just exhale and relax more and more, or for example imagine letting go of what is not serving you anymore.

Chakra meditation with colors

There are 7 main chakras in your body, and each chakra corresponds to specific properties, each has its own sound and also its own color.
First chakra is red, second orange, third yellow, fourth green, fifth blue, sixth indigo blue and seventh violet. During a chakra meditation you can concentrate on a chakra for a few minutes each time and then fill it with the corresponding color.

Chakra colour meditation l 7.5 min

For just 8,5 minutes I will take you in a guided meditation in which we will pay attention to all 7 chakras and the corresponding colours. In addition to relaxation, certain emotions or thoughts can arise and you could feel if something is out of balance.

Which color do you add?

It can also be very interesting to see which colors you lean towards. For example, I like purple and blue, so I’ve incorporated those colors into my website. But in clothing also pink and red. While I used to not like pink at all. Yellow isn’t my color either, it doesn’t suit my skin tone, but within every color you have nuances and suddenly there is a yellow dress in my closet, with flowers of course, but still.
Which color could you allow more in your life?

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