Profile of Jolinda Cath - holistic health practitioner

Jolinda Cath is a holistic health practitioner, providing yoga, mindfulness and meditation classes, happiness coaching and massage- and Reiki treatments.
Having received a plethora of treatments and studies from many teachers over the last 25 years, she is able to integrate various methodologies into her teachings and  body, mind and spirit healing techniques. 
Originally from Holland, she lived and worked around the world, such as Costa Rica, Bhutan, South Africa, India, Thailand and Jordan.
She has a passion for inspiring people and feeling blessed to offer a wide range of tools to assist people with their own personal journey to become happier and healthier. She enjoys helping others to become a better version of oneself.

Jolinda Cath holistic health practitioner

Mindfulness trainer

With mindfulness you train your conscious awareness to witness what is occurring in the present moment. This practice often results in improved balance and happiness in context of our daily life. A training is pretty practical and through various activities and assignments to obtain insight in oneself and others. Although insight meditation is included, mindfulness is not about emptying peoples head of thoughts, but to become mindfully aware of the thoughts that are accurate and the ones that are not, and how to manage all the thoughts.
During sessions emphasis on specific topics can be implemented like the seven core attitudes of mindfulness, self-regulation, levels of influence, mindful listening and talking.

Yoga teacher

Yoga is a great way to stretch, build muscle strength, improve flexibility and balance, to optimize organ functions and to relax both mentally as physically. It offers exercises that restore the often disturbed balance between body and mind and help to listen to one’s own body and become more aware of itself. It will make the mind and body lively and flexible. Yoga is for individuals of all ages and all levels of experience and fitness.
Various breathing techniques and meditation can be integrated.

Meditation facilitator

Meditating is so much more than getting relaxed. By regular practice one will notice the benefits of meditation in your daily life, such as an increase of creativity and focus, improvement of mood and reducing of stress and it is very healthy for the whole physical body.
One can meditate standing, sitting, walking and lying down and even during an activity.
The styles given are: vipassana (insight meditation) – mindfulness meditation, Metta (loving kindness), Gassho (Japanese style from Reiki tradition), body scans and chakra meditations. Meditation can be combined very well with various breathing exercises. 

Happiness Life coach

With this training one learns the essence of what creates happiness in one’s life. The happiness coaching partly mindfulness-based not only helps a person feel better, but helps with every aspect of life; career, relationships, everyday life.  On the basis of 6 layers we come to the core of finding happiness. These are:  1. desire and envy, 2. limited beliefs, 3. identity and ego, 4. time and conscious thoughts, 5. Wiring, unconscious pattern and conditions, 6. mood and emotions. Theory, assignments and conversations alternate.

Classes, workshops, training and courses for individuals and companies

Mindfulness, coaching, yoga and meditation can be given separately or being merged.
A single class can be provided up to a training of several months, and everything in between. Classes are possible both online and in person.
All lessons are tailor-made and the form, content and intensity are adapted to the wishes of a company and the possibilities of a group or individual.

For any requirements, more information, or a tailor-made program, kindly contact Jolinda per email , phone /what’s app +31(0)6 21466557 or in Jordan: +962 (0)776240799

Jolinda is a multi-passionate with a wide range of interests and studies and worked with companies such as Nexus global, Hyatt Residency, Hilton Double Three, Al Manara, InterContinental hotels, Anahata Wellbeing and Humanity & inclusion.
On her page about me, more information and details are found about her background and educations.

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