reasons to have reiki distance healing treatment

7 reasons to have a Reiki distance treatment

You would like to receive a treatment that supports you physically or mentally. But there may be reasons that you cannot see a practitioner. Or do not want to leave the house and a therapist cannot come to you as well.

How nice is it that there is Reiki and that you can receive a distance treatment!?
Just from home, you can receive healing energy. Especially in these times where we keep social distance as much as possible AND in a time we have to take extra care of ourselves, both physically and mentally.

In this blog I will explain very briefly what Reiki is and what it does and what more reasons there are to do a distance treatment instead of a 1-on-1 treatment.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of healing, which is based on the principle that energy is channeled into your body, through the laying on of hands. This can be on or above your body.
This healing energy can also be passed on to you from a distance, without us being physically present in the same room.
More information you can find at the Reiki page

What does Reiki do?

A Reiki treatment supports and activates your own natural healing process and works on a physical and mental level.
It brings calmness, relaxation, relieves pain and stimulates the vital energy in your body.
Reduced feelings of stress, anxiety and unrest are also common. As well as a reduction and in some cases even disappearance of physical illness or persistent ailments.
Studies and research verify the effects of Reiki sessions.

How can someone send Reiki from a distance?

Explained briefly and simply:
Every living thing has this universal energy in and around them. Due to different types of situations in your life, blockages can enter your energy channels, that can cause imbalance and illness.
Reiki could ensure that your energy can flow freely again.

A Reiki practitioner is like a channel through which the life energy can flow through towards others.
And someone who has Reiki level II or is a Reiki master can give a distance healing session.

As a reiki master I connect to this universal energy source before the session starts. Along I need some personal data of the recipient and I will use different symbols to set my intention to serve your highest good.  These intentions are an important part, and that a session is performed without my ego in between, knowing that Reiki will go where it is needed.

On the Reiki page  you will find information about Reiki. And how energy can be send online you can read on the page Reiki distance treatment.

Why should you receive a Reiki distance session online?

Reiki is safe and works very well in combination with all other therapies, both natural and conventional.
And a distance treatment goes well together if you have to undergo surgery, for example or if you are rehabilitating or undergoing a cure in a clinic.

But there are more reasons for getting a distance treatment instead of visiting a practice.

  1. No travel time 
    Maybe you live in a remote location or you do not have a practitioner nearby.
    Or maybe you have a very busy schedule; job, partner, children, pets … and it is difficult to leave.
    And if your travel time is longer than a treatment itself, a distance healing session could be an idea.
  2. You are not mobile at this moment
    You are not able to move or you are currently staying in hospital or an institution. Or maybe you are in quarantine and you’re not allowed to go outside.
  3. You are ill at this moment
    You can’t or do not want to visit a practitioner.  Or It could be that a visit costs you too much energy and you want to save all the energy you have. Or maybe you are in so much pain that you prefer to move as little as possible.
  4. You have anxiety or panic attacks and prefer to stay at home
    Panic attacks can paralyze you, but also can make you insecure because you don’t know when they will show up. Fear of the fear. Then you wish not be on the road, but would rather stay in a familiar environment. Reiki can help you very well with panic attacks. To handle them and even to let them disappear
  5. You would like a series of treatments, a few days in a row
    If you do several sessions in a row, daily or not, it will save you a lot of (travel) time to receive them at home. You can also have a combination of a 1-on-1 treatment and a series of distance treatments. The distance treatments are taking less time per session.
  6. It saves money
    A distance treatment is shorter but also cheaper than a 1-on-1 treatment. Or for the same amount of a 1-on-1 treatment you can do several distance treatments.
  7. It is nice to relax and receive a treatment in your own familiar environment
    After your treatment you wish to meditate, sleep or relax. Or you just like to take it easy and prefer  not to move again right after a session. 

What can be the disadvantages of a distance treatment?

-You do not have direct physical contact with the practitioner.
Feelings hands on your body can help you to connect with yourself more easily, to fully relax and to calm your mind.
-Distance treatments are generally 20-30 minutes.
A 1-on-1 treatment of 1 hours can sometimes be more pleasant to achieve deeper relaxation.
-Some practitioners can mainly or only feel an imbalance in the body when they hold their hands directly on or above it. This can be extra helpful in identifying where there is an imbalance. Some Reiki practitioners, like me, can also feel problems and/or see things from a distance.
-You might not feel anything and wonder if the sessions works (the answer of that is yes, it works 🙂 )
-Maybe it is not easy for you to sit or lay down quietly for half hour without someone touching your body.
-When you have questions you have to wait till after your session.

Experiences of people who have received Reiki online

I have helped many people with anxiety and migraines, for example. Please note With Reiki you cannot specifically determine in advance what the outcome should be. So I can determine in advance: ‘make the migraine disappear for such and such person’. Reiki supports the self-healing capacity of the body and mind and the healing is ultimately done by you, the recipient. However, my experience is that almost always the recipient has become calmer, pain or anxiety has reduced or even disappeared.
Often underlying problems come to the surface, things that the person attending the session did not initially address, but which do help enormously in solving the current problem.

An example:
“Due to an accident, I had a severe concussion and frequent migraine attacks. I took a series of Reiki treatments of 1 long and 4 short sessions. During my first long session I noticed that my head was getting lighter. At the end of that session, I got a very special feeling, just as if something was rising from my head like a kind of rocket launch … quite a special feeling! During the short sessions my head became lighter and lighter.  If I started the session with a light headache it was always gone afterwards. Great! ” Patricia

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