Mindfulness to increase awareness and insight

Mindfulness training meditation on the beach

With Mindfulness you practice focusing your attention on the present moment and having an attitude of openness and acceptance to whatever is happening. It is about becoming more aware of yourself, others and your environment. All without judgement. 
This practice often results in improved balance and happiness in context of our daily life.

A training is mainly practical and pragmatic with the goal to help people to become better grounded and to make steps to a more balanced life.
It is not about emptying peoples head of thoughts, but to become mindfully aware of the thoughts that are accurate and the ones that are not, and how to manage all the thoughts.

Sessions can focus on specific topics to practice certain ways to be more aware of how things are in your daily life now and how you can change things for the future. this can result in, for example, stress reduction or conscious communication.
Through various activities and assignments you practice to be more mindful.

The practice of mindfulness has been proven to make a valuable and efficient contribution to the problems so many of us face in our lives and work.
Mindfulness is free from any religion. It is for individuals of all ages and all levels of experience. 

Mindfulness for companies

With a mindfulness training the focus is on cultivating better insight into one’s own behavior and thoughts. To become aware how one relates to oneself, others and one’s environment.
As changes within oneself and the company can be made from here.
Depending on the goal of the company, focus can be put on:

  • personal stress reduction
  • increase of focus and attention
  • better control of emotions
  • increase job satisfaction
  • to better deal with criticism
  • increasing trust
  • improve communication

There are many different kinds of activities you practice being more mindful. In addition to practical exercises, the underlying theory of mindfulness and psychology can be explored in more detail

A class can be a one-off during an event, for example, or over a longer period of time, such as a few weeks or even months.
Depending on the wish of your company, mindfulness can be combined with breathing exercises, meditation and yoga.
Duration, location and lesson content can be discussed. Price is depending on the package.

Private classes and training for individuals and small groups

Whether you come alone or with a number of people, you are mostly welcome for a one-off lesson or multiple sessions.
For a package, we discuss in advance the number of lessons, the location, your goal and what the focus will be on. The price depends on the package.
Classes can also take place online.

11 scientifically proven benefits of Mindfulness

In the last few decades many scientific researches have been made and many have proven the benefits you get from Mindfulness and Awareness training.  Just to mention a few:
1. Mindfulness reduces stress
2. Mindfulness increases your focus and concentration bow
3. Mindfulness increases your empathy and compassion
4. Mindfulness helps you to be guided less by your emotions
5. Mindfulness helps with anxiety
6. Mindfulness increases your creativity
7. Mindfulness improves your relationships
8. Mindfulness relieves aches
9. Mindfulness improves your decisions
10. Mindfulness improves your mood
11. Mindfulness gives you more mental resilience

Once we are more aware of our thoughts, the sensations and tensions in our body, how we act, feel and speak, we can make changes.
We can let go by being aware,  to acknowledge what is. And to except this. 
By doing all this, a more peaceful mind will be the result.

Effective and applicable tools and a moment of relaxation for our employees

Jolinda provided a wonderful mindfulness class during an event we had with our company. Most of the employees never did any meditation or yoga, and everyone, without exception where very positive. She knows how to get people on board in a cheerful, clear and yet calm way. The session included breathing exercises and some basic yoga moves, which gave a nice variety.

Prices for mindfulness training and workshops

Depending on your package, below an indication of prices based on a single workshop of 75 minutes:
Private one-on-one:  € 60   
Private for 2 person: € 105
*Adjusted prices for larger groups
Companies: starting from € 225 ex VAT per group

Possible additional costs:  travel costs and travel time,  depending on the location.
All possibilities and final prices will be discussed and confirmed in advance.

Location for training and workshop

Mindfulness workshops and trainings are given on various locations and countries. 
As a nomad teacher, I will be traveling from the Netherlands, to Southern Europe to Jordan.
You can contact me for collaborative projects or check out my current and upcoming locations.
Online classes are also for individuals, small groups and companies.

Conditions, what to wear and bring to a class

Depending on the content of the training: 

  • Notebook and pen /white board
  • Table and chair
  • Comfortable clothing in which you can sit easily
  • Yoga mat, towel and/or meditation pillow when adding body scan and meditation exercises to the training

More information and the difference between Mindfulness, mindfulness meditation and Vipassana

Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way, on purpose.  In the present moment and nonjudgmental.
Within a mindfulness training you can practice meditation but also all other kind of activities to become more mindful.
The more modern Mindfulness meditation / insight meditation stems largely from the traditional vipassana.
Vipassana  is also known as Insight Meditation,  here you practice and train your awareness or attentiveness. Also without judgment of yourself or others. It is the kind of meditation the Buddha used, to reach enlightenment. And what he then taught to others.  It is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. 
The somewhat modern insight and mindfulness meditation also focuses on awareness, attentiveness, acceptance and insight,  but without the ancient teachings of the eightfold path and the ultimate goal of achieving nirvana.
Mindfulness meditation and insight meditation can be done standing, sitting, walking and laying down. But can also be practiced during an activity, such as drinking tea.
Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation is free from any religion. Although some of the origin lies in Buddhism 

More detailed information about the differences can be found in my blog Difference between vipassana, insight meditation and mindfulness
In another blog I wrote more about the origin of mindfulness.

My years of experience with mindfulness and meditation

About 25 years ago,  I did a first Vipassana meditation training in a Buddhist center in Amsterdam.  Especially during Vipassana silent retreats I practiced more intensely to observe and non-judgment and that pain can be your best friend. Yes, it is! These retreats gave me a great insight about myself.
To deepen my practice and knowledge, including the psychology of man to understand processes better, I did a master study of Mindfulness (2018-2022). As an extension of vipassana, I practice mindfulness every day: to be aware of my thoughts, my actions and reactions as much as possible. As the day is full of opportunities to do something mindfully, to observe, to contemplate, to feel what is going on, to take a break. No day, no moment is the same and you continue to develop yourself every day. 
Besides private sessions I mainly give workshops and training to 4-and 5-star hotels, such as Hyatt and Hilton and humanitarian organizations like Humanity & Inclusion.

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